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There is no greater freedom than the ability to Walk!

Freedom becomes severely restricted for some people suffering from multiple sclerosis, stroke, arthritis or orthopedic injuries, due to spasticity or joint involvement which makes ankle and knee movement difficult.  This is a critical loss, as the ankle is the transport mechanism that moves the body weight over the foot, allowing forward movement.  

Thanks to a chance discovery by Mrs. Carolyn Clawson who has MS, the CLAWSON ROCKER SHOE was found to act as a substitute for this loss. By means of a rigid sole with a special inner contour and bottom sole dimensions, this unique shoe becomes the transport mechanism of the body.  With the use of this unique device, walking becomes possible with less ankle/knee involvement.  As a result FATIGUE and in many cases PAIN, are lessened considerably. 

The CLAWSON ROCKER is not a panacea for all walking problems.  Persons who have a sensory loss, severe muscle weakness or constant equilibrium imbalance will not benefit from this shoe.  Also, this is not considered a corrective shoe for foot problems, per se, but rather a therapeutic device that enhances the ability TO WALK!!!!  

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