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Because of the difficulty obtaining leathers in the heavy weight used
for this shoe only black, white and brown are available. However, we
can obtain new colors in the lighter weights but this would require
lining them. We can now do this but the cost would be twenty dollars
extra. The lined leather looks very nice and we may be able to get
suede which is very dressy looking. This would give a much better color
selection. When you order the shoes specify which color you would like
of the ones we have available. Then put down your preference color
and we will call you if we can get it. 


All styles but the dressy sandal will come with the sling strap unless
one of the others is specified. The T strap or X strap can be put on temporarily
with screws into the wood as we have done in the past if you request it.
This is best if an AFO brace is used for it allows you to adjust the
strap to the brace. The sling strap can be adjusted easily. For those
needing a heel cap there is an additional charge of $5.00. 


The return-refund policy is provided for those trying shoes for the
first time in case the rocker shoes do not help. Because of the custom
ordering we are now offering, refunds cannot be given on any orders
except for those ordering #29 and #30 on a first trial basis. We will
however rectify any problems which may occur and make an exchange in
some cases if necessary. 

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